Love, Religion, Laughter, Revenge

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                 THE BEGINNING
The story begins when an unknown kidnapper has abducted 347 people in the USA and kept them on a human farm, like animals. There are protests throughout the world, in USA, UK, China, India, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. The world has been transformed into a close community. There are candle light vigils and protests demanding to find and kill the kidnapper. The kidnapper's journey however, did not begin this way. In a journey of Love, religion and laughter, it's time to find out why this beautiful journey ended with raging revenge.

          What would you do in his place?                 It's time to find out

Testimonials:   "I don't usually read fiction books but thought I would give this book a chance,
                                                                 but what a book! The best fiction book I have ever read."

                  "Just wish there were more books like this, it's a totally unique book, if you like fiction you will love this book and even if you don't like fiction, like I thought I didn't, you will still love this book."

                                "Ther a lot to learn from this book and it's coherent."

                                                                   "You have to read it, it can't be described."

                                                                                           "Hope he writes another book :)"